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PT launched Astra Honda Motor scooter spacy automatic, JI exhibition, Kemayoran, Jakarta, Wednesday, April 4, 2011. BEAT automatic scooter segment targeting the bottom side by side with the level of this price Rp11, Rp12, and $ 75 million 0.55000000The head of the director Yusuke Hori Astra Honda, spacy world is a product that was launched in Indonesia. It was widely this product once described as the God "we have a spacy new product in Indonesia and China," he said at all. "Spacy will be sold in Japan, Europe, China and South East Asia such as Thailand and Vietnam."
Yusuke said, launching the first in Indonesia, because the motorcycle market in Indonesia, the automatic is growing rapidly. In fact, in recent years has exceeded penjulan automatic scooters for sale.Data Industry Association, motorcycles Indonesia (AISI), in 2006, when Honda entered the market the first automatic machine, automatic scooter sales are only 8.3 percent, and 371,116 units. Within four years and the figure rose to 200 3370000.At the same time, in the first quarter of this year, for the first time, can move the market share duck automatic scooters. In the period from January to March, and the contribution of automatic motorcycles in 49.75 menacapai percent of motorcycle sales of the national total.For this reason, Honda is still to add the lines in the automatic scooter segment. "The launch of spacy complement a full range of automatic Honda scooter part owned by," said Yusuke.Moreover, he said PCX automatic scooter Honda currently has, while the upper part contains a CBS Vario-Techno, Techno, Vario, Fendt Vario. Scoopy is in the middle part. While in the lower part of the BEAT occupied and spacious.In fact, from the motor side, there was no difference between the spacy with the win. The engine is always the same, 110 cm, 0.4 stroke, OHC Power 8.54 hp at 8000 rpm and a torque of 8.03 Nm at 6000 rpm. Honda says the engine of consumption 1 liter per 41 kilometers.The difference, and the targeting of spacy new families or men and women of today, including lacquers bongsor. Unlike young people to win.Spacy providing up to 18 liters of luggage, which can include full-face helmet. Not only that, spacy also provides the fuel tank up to five liters. "Once this fuel, spacy able to explore the 205 miles."In fact, Honda made several changes to get the luggage space. Honda changed the battery and filters to the front, leaving plenty of space under the seat.Unfortunately, this great body that accelerate even makes it less stable. When looking, and won the initial pounding harder. Not surprisingly, within 200 meters, and take spacy 13.5 seconds and 12.5 seconds, and won.Other features offered are similar to previous models, such as securing the brake arm, side, and the standard automatic, automatic and secure the safety of the magnet. Another new feature is the headlights spacy car that can run when the life of the engine.Honda spacy offered in two variants, ie, the radius of the wheel and the bar (casting wheel). There are provided several color options, starting with black emperor, imperial black, royal blue, majestic red, green and heritage ..

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